thiersee footbridge

Lake Thiersee – Tirol, Austria

As promised we will now share the pictures from our walk around the Lake Thiersee.

One of the first impressions we had was the Mount Pendling with a height of 1’563 metres above the Adriatic – a mean sea level datum still used in Austria and other countries near the Adriatic Sea.

mount pendel thiersee
What a beatiuful view at the Mount Pendel from the Lake Thiersee.

While taking the walk around the lake you’ll have a lot of opportunities to take some snapshots.

lake thiersee view west
View to the west over the Lake Thiersee.

Have a seat, grab a sandwich and something to drink. Enjoy the silence, the view and keep the person close which is with you.

bench thiersee
Take a seat, relax, enjoy the view.

Another great view at the Mount Pendel.

mount pendel thiersee
Another view at the Mount Pendel from across the Lake Thiersee.

If it temperature is right you can go for a swim.

thiersee footbridge
A litte footbridge at the Lake Thiersee.

An almost surreal shot.

lake thiersee tree
Somehow surreal and yet beautiful.

After the walk you can go back to the hotel and enjoy a cappuccino – and we get back to the details as the little chocolate…

cappucino shocolate
A cappuccino with a little chocolate.

…or choice from four kinds of sugar and one sweetener.

sugar selection
The agony of choice – of course in a positive way.

This is it for now from Austria – we will come back for sure to explore this country further.

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