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Hinterthiersee – Tirol, Austria

This Time we decided to visit Austria. To be exactly the Tyrol (Tirol) region, to be even more specific: North Tyrol.

Better safe than sorry:

Do not forget to pay the toll in Austria when you pass the border. You’ll have to buy a sticker which you have to put on your windshield (like in Switzerland) – or you get the digital one at ASFiNAG and only carry the printed papers in your car.

We went with the digital option and had no problems at all.

Because we had a longer drive, we took a break to stretch our legs at the Trofana Tyrol – a great place which offers all you need.

After the intro let us now get closer to our destination, we decided to stay at the Juffing Hotel & Spa. Our room was very clean, modern with lots of nice details, we had a lot of sunlight and a balcony. The food quality, variaty and quantity was also great and left us with nothing else to wish for.

Here’s the view we had:

snow forest hill
We could see snowy hills towards south…
church moutains west.
…and mountains in the west

The attention to detail, the colors and composition – we haven’t seen anything like this before – here are some impressions from the lounge.

lounge juffing
The Lounge in the Juffing – a nice place to relax.
vases bottles
A compositon of vases and bottles in the lounge.

Here we have the view at the other side.

juffing lounge colours
Another view at the lounge.

The composition of different colours and materials works very well.

candles vases details juffing lounge
Everything just fits together.

It’s details like this which make you forget the outside world – you feel like in a cocoon.

juffing lounge little vessels
A closeup of the little vessels.
juffing lounge table candle
A littel, pracitcal table with a candle.
juffing lounge candle

You can even enjoy a game of chess if you fancy. Other board games were also available.

juffing lounge chess
Let’s play a game.

This is it for now, we hope we were able to give you an impression and generate good feelings. In the next post we will take a walk around the Thiersee Lake.

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