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Elztal – Schwarzwald

Welcome to the Schwarzwald region in Baden-Württemberg, the Black Forest mountain range.

We stayed at the Elztalhotel – it’s a place with a good and balanced blend of German folklore, modern acommodations and excellent food. They also offer a good range of wellness options you can choose from – from peelings to massages.

Their kitchen is great and regional. But we’d like to let you know that they will do everything to fullfill your wish if you if you’d like to eat something which is not part of the days offer. Unfortunately this time we were not able to take pictures – dinner was a bit late and there were too many people around for our gusto.

herzlich willkommen welcome
Herzlich Willkommen!
entrance elztal hotel
The entrance of the Elztalhotel.
elztalhotel surrounding
View from our floor at the entrance.

There is also a path around the hotel, in case you want to explore the direct surrounding, with benches to rest.

At the end of our way around we did not expect to find this gems, a little fountain and a rose garden:

frog fountain forest landscape
The frog watching over his fountain and the forest.
frog fountain elztalhotel schwarzwald
The frog and his fountain.
rose garden fountain
The rose garden at the foot of the fountain.

One day we took a walk down into the valley, from the Elztalhotel to Oberwinden, continued our way to Winden and then Niederwinden and back to the Hotel – the distance in total we made was 6.5 km and the total height difference was about 235 m.

schwarzwald elztal oberwinden
Beatiful view at Oberwinden.
landscape schwarzwald elztal
The play of the clouds, the sun, the light and the shadows.

Some images from Oberwinden:

spitbuebe narren brunnen fountain
The Spitzbuebe-Brunne.
The Spitzbuebe-Brunnen – closeup of the fool.
oberwinden elz elztal spitzbueb
The fool from another angle.
elz oberwinden schwarzwald elztal
The river Elz in Oberwinden – view towards west.
elz oberwinden schwarzwald elztal
The river Elz in Oberwinden – view towards east.

Freiburg is about half an hour away from Oberwinden. You can get there for free with the KONUS Guest Card which is offered by the hotel. Freiburg is best known for its old town which is only about 5 minutes by foot from the railway station.

There we took a little walk and a hot drink at Sam’s.

sam's freiburg breisgau chocolate cappuccino
Hot drinks at Sam’s.
freiburg minster
Here a glimpse at the Freiburg Minster.

Last but not least, after a long day the beatiful sunset from our balcony:

balcony elztalhotel sunset schwarzwald
Beatiful susnet from our balcony.


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