Spiez – Lake Thun

We like spontaneous day trips. There’s no need to travel far to discover one out of many great places near you, in this case it was about an 1.5 hrs drive. Furthermore, you don’t have to stay for the weekend. There are this special places where it’s enough to stay for just a few hours – because the place itself has such a beauty, nature and vibe that a few hours will be enough to fill your heart with positive energy. Welcome to the coast of Lake ThunSpiez to be more exactly.

lake thun hotel belvedere
View at the Lake Thun from the hotel Belvédère.

Our first stop was the Hotel Belvédère where we enjoyed a cold softdrink, the view was stunning. The hotel is also known for it’s selection of spirits at their whiskey bar – they also offer a selection of cigars if you want to complete the experience.

Lake Thun mountains scenery
Beautiful view at the lake and the mountains.

The Hotel has its own park where you can be alone and read a book if that’s what you’d like to do. It’s clean, calm and harmonic and the birds chirping wins every heart.
From almost every spot you find you’ll have a great view at the surrounding.

Hotel Park Belvédère
A little part of the beautiful park of the Hotel Belvédère.

After we finished our drinks we were trying to get as close to the lake as we can.
It’s just a different feeling when you are closer to the water.

Thun Lake
The Lake Thun – you should see the color in person.

We walked past the little harbor to the swimming pool where you can either go swim in the Lake Thun or if this is too cold for you, there are also heated pools or just take a sun bath on the green.

spiez harbor
Spiez Harbor.

And the view from the restaurant at the swimming pool – no more words needed.

swimming pool spiez
The view from the restaurant.

This view, we just had to provide an additional image.

swimmin pool restaurant spiez view
Another picture from the restaurant.

This place is a great experience because it provided something what we did not expect. In this picture we hope you can see what we are writing about. You feel like you’re at a coast somehwere in southern France or Italy. Everything is in place to provide you this feeling, mediterranean colors, fabulous flowers, the clean lake only the mountains remind you of something different – but that’s only a detail.

The mediterranean experience



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