viewpoint gempen turm hochwald


The photos in this post are different from the others because the views are darker and colder and yet they have something very specific.

Gempen is located in the canton of Solothurn in Switzerland. It’s a very popular area around the city of Basel.

viewpoint gempen turm hochwald
Panoramic view at Hochwald.

We took an amazing photo from the restaurant Bärgbeiz Gempen

This interesting art in front of the entrance of the restaurant is so beautiful and sweet. No one can remain indifferent when this is seen.

kids balloon love
The sculpture at the entrance of the Bärgbeiz Gempen.

The interior is such that it calms you down and relaxes you. There is nothing too intrusive which is good because the view of nature is very attractive.

View from the Bärgbeiz Gempen.

From the Gempen tower you can have a powerful view on forests and Swiss mountains.

A mystical tree at the viewpoint.
Panoramic view from the Gempen
Light and shadow.

Around the Restaurant there are specific flowers, places for grilling or to just sit on a stone and enjoy the view.

wild flowers forest
Wild flowers at the viewpoint.



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