Horgen – a lovely district near Zürich

We started this adventure from the restaurant Tracht in Rüschlikon which belongs to the district of Horgen, where we took this picture. The relaxing blue colors calm and slowen the thoughts. There were also swans, geese and ducks – a little bit of “wildlife”. It’s always an amazing sight.

The great view on the Zurich Lake and a Swan

Adliswil also belongs to the district of Horgen. This is a beautiful place in the canton of Zurich, a wonderful location to relax and find peace. Walk around and you will find many beautiful places with great views which cause you to stop and focus on one thing only at this moment – the most important thing in your life.

The focus on the one thing

In this district it is very calm. The stunning landscape in combination with the clear sky and Zurich lake in the background is a good place for dreams.

Adilswil, nature
The stunning landscape

You can take many beautiful pictures from one point of view, but every photo looks different and unique in its own way because of this beautiful nature.

The specific and unique

We’ll finish this post with this picture because it has something nice as the city. The city gives many possibilities to rest and enjoy and there are people, a lot of people at the lake. But as we wrote, if you want, you can still find your peace for a moment from the crowds in Adliswil – and this is also very important.

The nice place



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