la petite venise marché couvert de colmar

La Petite Venise

Welcome to Colmar, Alscae, France –  a city with a very nice medieval town center – perfect for a day trip!

colmar timbered houses
Timbered houses at the canal

There was a lot to see and yet we were not able to take as many pictures as we wanted to.

Following are some impressions of Colmar and pictures from the St Martin’s Church.

la petite venise marché couvert de colmar
View from the Market at La Petite Venise

In summertime they offer little trips in gondolas, when we visited it still was freezing cold so no gondola trip for us.

st martin's church in Colmar
St Martin’s Church
st martin's church colmar interior
The interior of the St Martin’s Church

Unfortunately I have to admit that do not remember exactly where I took this picture of Mother Mary, nevertheless worth to share with you.

mother mary
Mother Mary

Last but not least, a night shot from the canal.

canal rue turenne at night
The canal at night


Locations we want to thank and mention:

Our stay, le colombier, they were always very friendly and helpful.
The great local cuisine at Wistub Brenner – their food was too good to take pictures of.
A place we unfortunately were not able to visit, the Bartholdi Museum but as things are we will for sure visit Colmar again to see more.




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