basilica mariastein

Mariastein Abbey

The Abbey Mariastein is located in Metzerlen-Mariastein in the Canton of Solothurn. It’s a half an hour’s drive from Basel.

It’s the ideal location to escape the city for a walk around the abbey or go down to the Chapel of Grace to rest a bit and find some peace.

Link to the official site of the abbey.

basilica mariastein
The Basilica of Mariastein

If you are impressed with the outside, just wait until you see how it looks inside.
It’s beauty is hard to capture in words, have a look:

basilica mariastein interior
Inside the basilica

It is said that a young boy fell over the cliffs into the valley and only survived thanks to the miraculous intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. (

All those who went through difficult times and want to thank the Blessed Virgin Mary, show their gratitude in a rather special way – visible to every visitor.

grateful people
Tables of gratitude
tables gratitude grateful mariastein
There are many from all around the world
tables grateful mariastein
…and more, this is below the stairs looking back.

On the way to the Chapel of Grace, we have to walk down the hallway…

mariastein hallway chapel
The hallway to the chapel, in the distance we see more tables…

It is hard to explain how you feel walking down to the chapel with all these tables…

mariastein chapel tables
Older tables made out of marble.

We are almost there, only the stairway left and we can enter the Chapel of Grace.

stairway chapel of grace mariastein
Stairway to the Chapel of Grace

On the right side we can see the entrance to the Chapel of Grace.

chapel of grace mariastein
A few steps from the entrance to the Chapel of Grace.

Images from the inside of the Chapel of Grace – yes, they change the garment.

virgin mary pink garment
Virgin Mary in a pink garment with golden details.
virgin mary purple garment
Virgin Mary in a purple garment with golden details.
virgin mary white garment
Virgin Mary in a white garment with golden details.

To the left side of the Virgin Mary there is this masterpiece:

virgin mary sculpture
Sculpture in the Chapel of Grace

Last but not least before we leave the Chapel of Grace the mosaic windows from inside the chapel.

church window chapel of grace mariastein
One of two church windows inside the Chapel of Grace
church window chapel of grace mariastein
The second church window inside the Chapel of Grace

Now let me take you outside again for a little walk around the abbey:

north view basilica mariastein
View from north at the basilica in Mariastein.
st. anna chapel mariastein
The St. Anna Chapel
nature fields basilica abbey mariastein
View from at the basilica from a distance.
panoramic view abbey mariastein
Panoramic view at the abbey.
landscape mariastein
The landscape is beautiful in Mariastein



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